Friday, October 26, 2012

Excel 2010 - So Painful Yet So Useful

Excel 2010 - So Painful Yet So Useful

Being in HR, I never really had to use MS Excel that much. Sure on occasion I would use it...I'm not totally useless at it, I can add borders and do summations, but I knew there was so much more that could be done and didn't know how.

So I signed up for a class! Go Kimmy right!

At first, I was excited...I was excited at the idea of learning again, seeing how powerful Excel is, drooling over the cute line graphs I'll be able to make soon.

That is until the teacher started going into pivot charts, multiple worksheets, links, slicers, templates. I have so much anxiety about the final coming up. I'm already getting B's on a good day and C's on my homework and quizzes.

Excel is so useful but learning it is so painful.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Love Yelp!

I Love Yelp!

I've long been a lurker of a site called I signed up recently and I can't find enough time to post a review of every nail salon, restaurant, and club I've been too but I've been trying very hard to catch up!

All I know is I love Yelp. I love how there's a bunch of people all willing to share their opinions with you, I love how I can electronically meet friends (well they're not real friends, just people you have on your friends list), but what's better is I can see/view their lists of places they love and hate.

I just wish I had more money to try more places to eat.

Is the iPad Mini Too Expensive

Is the iPad Mini too expensive?

I never had an ipad before but I've wanted one for quite a while. I couldn't pull the trigger because iPads were always expensive, and even more expensive if you add data.

My prayers were answered when I heard rumors of an iPad Mini that's going to be around $300. It pretty much was what I wanted. A smaller version of the iPad, it's 4g, but then the price was announced yesterday and I balked.

$329 for wifi only and $459 if you want it cellular enabled? $35 activation fee and almost 9% sales tax it's almost $550 plus the $10/month I have to pay to Verizon.

I'm so sad. Is it me, or is the iPad Mini a bit too expensive?

A Good Realtor In San Jose is Priceless

My San Jose Realtor Experience

Today my house finally closed escrow and my bf (he's my fiance now) and I are so happy. The journey for this house has been turbulent. All I know is we were looking for a San Jose real estate agent and we didn't know where to start. We researched a few things on Yelp, asked my coworkers, my fiance's friends, etc. Finally my fiance's buddy got us a referral to this San Jose Realtor company and told us to ask for Miwan.

I never thought that buying a short sale home would be so tough. We had to wait 6 full months until it closed escrow and along each step of the way it was this and it was that. Thank goodness Miwan was there to help facilitate this. I'm not sure what we would have done. She helped us get everything done, the endless paperwork, showing us different homes, you name it. The selling realtor was something else too...I don't want to name names but let's just say he wasn't exactly the most proper person in my opinion.

At any rate, the end result was fantastic. We have this cute little house out in San Jose, CA near Oakridge Mall (I love shopping). Miwan dropped off the keys today and even though I have a disdain for Home Depot, I'm actually quite excited to go! I can't wait to put up curtains, buy decorations (my fiance is going to hate me).

Miwan if you ever read this, thank you so much for being such a great realtor. If any of my friends are looking for a home in the San Jose area, I will definitely refer them to Prima Investment Group and tell them ask for you.